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How much does solar storage cost?

Modern Solar Battery storage is new smart technology. A sleek and silent battery and control unit stores the energy you've generated during the day for evening and emergency use.

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Solar Storage allows you to use the maximum amount of your self-generated electricity, and maximise returns.

"Energy storage aims to help customers save money and reduce peak energy demand, by using low carbon, night, wind and solar resources."

Stored electricity is free and unmetered. It also provides protection from power cuts - protecting your devices and alarm clock!

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"The truth is, the strong case for investing in solar is still there."
- DECC Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey.

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" I was able to see prices online before I spoke to solar installers. I'm now generating my own electricity AND I'm getting paid by the government."

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Use ALL the electricity you generate.

Storing electricity you have generated during the day allows you to turn devices on in the evening without having to worry about the bill!

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"With a storage battery I've been able to make the most out of my solar panels and save even more on my energy bills."
- Mr. Baker from Hull.

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